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It restored based on description of [Enngishiki]






Paper art・China grass・Wood ash・Mucus of the tree used for ancient times・An old Japanese book (about 150 years before)


I visited the Nishiaizu international art colony in June, 2012. And the ramie was harvested from this place.
This exhibition began from that. Ramies are materials obsolete at the Heian period (around the 1000 time), though it is the most important materials in ancient (794 (Nara period) or before) paper manufacture.this time [enngishiki] (the detailed enforcement regulations of the legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras of enforcement [ 967 years ], and the contents of this portion 794 or before )I studied description and decided to make. The restored japanese paper was exhibited together with the book published at the Edo period, and became a work. And what seeded the terra cotta of the form of others and ancient times with the ramie is exhibited